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The petition is now closed. Thanks to all who took the time to sign the petition and post comments. Though the CBC Radio Orchestra's life was ended by CBC Radio, the orchestra has been reincarnated in a new form: the National Broadcast Orchestra of Canada - Orchestre national de diffusion du Canada.

Dear Mark Steinmetz and CBC Radio, Prime Minister Harper, Members of Parliament, and the Minister of Canadian Heritage. We the undersigned want the CBC Radio Orchestra saved. We believe that the orchestra is an integral part of Canada's mosaic and an important contributor to Canada's unique and rich cultural heritage. Our Canada includes the CBC Radio Orchestra!

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Lynda Brown

Joe Holmes

Mark Muller
Another few cubic metres gone in the endless erosion of everything uniquely Canadian.

Sylvia Sinclair

Olivier Alary

Cecilia Gray


chantal sullivan Sullivan

d tobar
why are we losing everything canadian...

Cynthia Crampton
My Canada indeed includes the CBC Radio Orchestra. Please reverse the decision to cut it; the cost is small compared with the cost of having it, its musicians and its programming eliminated from our lives.

Janet Macdonald

Heather Franklyn

Rhonda Gaidica
Is nothing sacred?

Ariane Maisonneuve

Julia Yong

C. Paul McKinnon
$600,000 represents the subsidy to the ice rink in Ottawa for the Ottawa Senator\'s franchise!


victoria ball

Evan Jones
This orchestra\'s heritage and historical role in Canada\'s musical life is incredibly significant and special. Please find a way to maintain it!

Nikki KRocker

Kelly Townsend
Oh (for goodness sake) Canada!!!! at least this with all the other crazy cut backs happening. I guess we always have syndicated US radio flooding Canadian airwaves to fall back on!?

Tony Randall
This is a part of our heritage. Cultural organizations that are national and easily accessed are what helps give Canadians a shared experience and idntity, especially orginizations that promote Canadian culture.

Joy Allbright
The only station I have listened to since the days of Max Ferguson is crumbling as I write.

Michael Martin

Tobias Meis
We need to continue to foster our cultural identity and support the potential of our emerging canadian musicians and composers. Please lead us somewhere where it means something wholesome to be Canadian, not into a business modeled cultural anonymaty.

Mary Glogowski
This orchestra is part of what makes the CBC so special and unique. We must not destroy any part of it.

Arran Walshe
Canada needs culture!

Maureen Yohemas
Our cultural organizations continue to be eroded through lack of funding. It is our music, art and literature that will define this generation to future generations -- not our hockey teams! Why is there never a lack of money to support that business?

Liz Johnston
The CBC Radio Orchestra is so very special and deserving There is no possible justification for axing this cultural icon.

David Gartrell

Diane Wills
Please keep the CBC orchestra. It is an important part of our Canadian culture.

Han Vanderleeden
This orchestra is part of our country\'s cultural heritage. Please do not destroy it.

Linda Kalman

maria hindmarch
Yes, yes, let us continue to hear the CBC Radio Orchestra.

John Arthur

Sherwin Arnott
The CBC has been a culture-maker and a culture-leader. It is my hope that CBC and the federal government continue to show leadership.

Elizabeth Eccleston
I live in the US but still listen to CBC 2 classical programs everyday online. The CBC Radio Orchestra is the only radio orchestra in North America is something that makes me proud to be a Canadian.

Marian Campbell

Grace Kiraly

James Paulson

Annie Yim
CBC Radio orchestra is such an important part of the musical and cultural identity of Canada. Please keep it!

Barb Diggins
I especially oppose because the orchestra has been available to record new music created by aspiring Canadian composers and these artists should have the opportunity of the performances the orchestra has provided in the past.

Janice Woodland

Patty Keith

julia valenti

Loriane Frewing
I love this music, please don\'t shut it down!

Karen Ydenberg White
Save the CBC Radio Orchestra. Don\'t cheap out on culture.

Arlene Mooney

Randy Winczura

Jesse Gander